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Small Midget Girls That Think They Can Model During Hardcore Sex!

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Virtual Reality Entertainment is Superb

I love people who push the envelope, those who are not scared of trying something different and these guys sure have achieved that. I’m not here to promote a specific site, but rather to mention how great virtual reality porn is. It is just such a pity that so few people are aware of the fact and that it is s hard to try it out.

It’s not like you can pop into some demo store and check out VR porn but perhaps you could find a tech store where you could try out a VR movie or scene of sorts so that you can at least experience for yourself how cool it is.

This site made me chuckle so hard though and I just had to use one of their pics. A girl in a lady bird cosplay outfit getting fucked in virtual reality. They have all kinds of cool shit, I bet they even have midgets 😀

Anyways, perhaps you’d like to check out some of these VR porn discounts.

Evil Angel Loves Pushing the Envelope

That is the thing I enjoy most about the Evil Angels network; they love pushing the envelope. Not quite to the point of going completely off the mainstream track, I mean they don’t have themes as extreme as midget porn let’s say, but this pic should be a decent example of what I mean.

It’s not just a threesome, it’s not just interracial porn, it’s also the bride and her bridesmaid fucking the groom at the wedding venue, on their wedding day, in their wedding attire. That’s the kind of extra they bring to the table and perhaps I’m just easily entertained but I like it.

Beyond that though, they are just a class outfit. They have been around for a long time and their stuff never gets stale. They seem to always manage to keep it exciting, trendy, hip, pick your word as you catch my drift.

Honestly, they could charge a premium for a membership to their network, they have everything to justify it yet you can get up to 83% off with an Evil Angel discount.

Careful of the Big Bad Wolf

An entire site about teens getting naked and sometimes even getting freaky in the woods? When I saw the site name “Teens in the Woods” I thought it would be stupid. It just seems so restrictive, how much variety could there possibly be to keep anyone interested?

It turns out it’s pretty damn sweet.

The first impression for me was the quality of content. It hits you like it’s one of those softcore glamour sites with pics and vids at crazy high resolution purely for the artistic glamour. Except, it’s not as innocent as that. I’ve always wondered why that kind of quality is almost exclusively for used for those softcore sites and not elsewhere and these guys have broken that mould.

I must be honest, labelling it hardcore would be over the top, but it’s not just nudies either, there’s some action in there too.

The girls are stunning too, they clearly only go for the hottest of the hot but then when it comes to youth it seems that’s almost everyone. So spoilt at that age.

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If Your Step-Sis is Hot why Not

This pic really takes me back to when I was growing up. Like so many of us, I grew up in a home with step-family. My dad remarried and my step-mom had 2 kids of her own. It felt like overnight I became a brother and a sister richer and they were of similar age to me and we got along well, so it was pretty cool.

And it definitely didn’t hurt that my step-sister was easy on the eye.

It made very little difference early on as we were quite young and just good mates but we hit puberty at pretty much the same time, relatively speaking and since there no taboos with step-family it was pretty sweet to explore our sexuality with each other.

For a while back then it felt like we were constantly horny, I’m sure you can remember the days of raging hormones. We fucked at every opportunity imaginable and all the while our parents were just too happy that we get along so well.

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