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If Your Step-Sis is Hot why Not

This pic really takes me back to when I was growing up. Like so many of us, I grew up in a home with step-family. My dad remarried and my step-mom had 2 kids of her own. It felt like overnight I became a brother and a sister richer and they were of similar age to me and we got along well, so it was pretty cool.

And it definitely didn’t hurt that my step-sister was easy on the eye.

It made very little difference early on as we were quite young and just good mates but we hit puberty at pretty much the same time, relatively speaking and since there no taboos with step-family it was pretty sweet to explore our sexuality with each other.

For a while back then it felt like we were constantly horny, I’m sure you can remember the days of raging hormones. We fucked at every opportunity imaginable and all the while our parents were just too happy that we get along so well.

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