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Small Midget Girls That Think They Can Model During Hardcore Sex!

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Careful of the Big Bad Wolf

An entire site about teens getting naked and sometimes even getting freaky in the woods? When I saw the site name “Teens in the Woods” I thought it would be stupid. It just seems so restrictive, how much variety could there possibly be to keep anyone interested?

It turns out it’s pretty damn sweet.

The first impression for me was the quality of content. It hits you like it’s one of those softcore glamour sites with pics and vids at crazy high resolution purely for the artistic glamour. Except, it’s not as innocent as that. I’ve always wondered why that kind of quality is almost exclusively for used for those softcore sites and not elsewhere and these guys have broken that mould.

I must be honest, labelling it hardcore would be over the top, but it’s not just nudies either, there’s some action in there too.

The girls are stunning too, they clearly only go for the hottest of the hot but then when it comes to youth it seems that’s almost everyone. So spoilt at that age.

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