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The reason why not all dating sites are good

It’s very easy to think that local fuck book sites all suck. Cause not all of them do, just look at http://www.localfuckbook.net/ . You really can’t be faulted for thinking that they do. After all most local fuck book sites are set up in such a way that they’re just intended to suck up as much money out of you. In the process they burn a lot of your time. If you think you’re annoyed, irritated and disappointed, wait until you compare notes with all the rest of the other members on the site. It seems that this setup is guaranteed to burn everybody.


This is why most people think that this type of entertainment is a pain in the butt. For every nipple shown and every pussy lip spread open, there are going to be several minutes of awkward online hustling and bustling among the people trying to get the member to do what they want her to do. It can get quite annoying. It can also get quite pathetic especially if you realize that you’re dealing with out and out losers in the rest of the audience. You might not consider yourself a loser but other people might think that.


So you if you are wondering why this type of entertainment is often viewed by veteran watchers of online adult entertainment as a pain in the butt, now you know. It’s the process that sucks. Part of this is due to the fact that most of these dating sites are free. Since they’re free the whole focus is on trying to come up with the scheme to get as much money out of people as possible. This leads to an awkward waiting game between some members. Talk about a waste of time.